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I was the delivery of a package to a house in a beautiful new building, which was as silent as the grave and not to leave in a promising place when I was a kid inches and a stroke when the door opened , the kind you saw in the fifties, overweight, and very hairy in a towel, dripping water, and apparently half-way through a bath or shower. 'Sorry mate,' I said, but you must sign this cos your letter. Have not bothered much with the content in it, but the shit that I have a job to do, he asked me in a minute cos' arionmovies you do not like arionmovies posh neighbors seeing him so 'come. I put the package on your room, and when I had my signature dish on the towel slipped shows a long thick cock, Which must be about 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I could not stop looking at this monster just hang out. I looked up and saw me smiling a 'as shown ', ' what the hell is this, because if you have an erection ?' I said smiling. ' you get it, or better yet, suck, and discover,' he said. Never pass up an opportunity, man or woman, I leaned forward and put his cock in my mouth. was still very soft, so it swallowed and slid his cock deep in my throat. He was immediately hard and started choking me, cos that was not only much thicker, but more than good. arionmovies I turned away from him and I could feel his cock it out of my throat, even though my mouth was a fair way to its axis. When I was barking, I looked at the size of it, was now so fat, at least 10inch and could fit arionmovies back into my mouth. I licked up and down arionmovies his shaft, balls and barking, attention to Japanese eyes. As I licked the balls, you masturbated. Suddenly, he arched his back and gave me the grandstand view as their runs over the eyes, nose, chin, chest and neck. Christ hes going to drown me, I thought. Finally, he pushed his cock between my lips and fired a big thick gobfull in my mouth. It was a great feeling, and smelling of semen on the cover, but I almost could not provide covered with sperm. 'The rain is still running, if you clean,' he said, and tGuard the next installment
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